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星の名の付く通り」oil on panel F80(1420x1120mm)2017



ギャラリーゴトウ / 東京・銀座



絵画空間とは具象的なものへ向かうほど、意味的な形 体を持ち、



私 はここに振り子 があるために、一貫した時間芸術として絵画を描いていけると考えています。






Yushi Dangami   


Portraits and abstract paintings are the two pillars that construct my work. The coexistence of what first seem like two contradicting elements can be clarified using the motion of a pendulum. In a painting, a concrete image produces a context within its figure. In contrast, an abstract image produces a vocal-like color. The two behaviors put together resemble the movement of a pendulum. To me it draws a linear line, like a verse in a poem. The existence of the pendulum that construct my work enables me to be a constant participant in a temporal art form. Within the context of art, this can be described as the back and forth between the mirror and the skin. To me, the disparity of the pendulum is like a “musical interval”. 


The current exhibition features both portraits and abstract paintings which challenge the forthcoming of Japan and its miscalculations of the surface, inspired by my experience in the history of European art. I persist to create my means of everyday-life, resonating together contextual forms and vocal-like colors. 

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